When I saw this video it’s remind me of my dog ! She always do this whenever I am eating. Kinda miss her !


It’s been so many years after my dog passed away from sickness.


This Guy Just Rescued The Most Amazing Animal !

Don’t you find this fox is cute and active ? I didn’t know in Oklahome it is legal to keep a fox as a pet.

Review on Darlie Double Action Enamel Protect (Strong mint)

Every day morning doesn’t feel like waking up from my bed. Walking towards my bathroom and begin to brush my teeth using Darlie Double Action Enamel Protect (Strong mint) toothpaste and I feels awake by the strong mint. I brush and brush, feeling so refreshed and my teeth so clean. That’s how I keep myself awake every morning ūüėõ



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The Advantage of using Darlie Double Action Enamel Protect (Strong mint)

The Enamel Protect Formula with natural mint essence keeps your breath fresh while it protects your tooth enamel (the outer protective layer of the tooth), allowing you to unveil a more confident smile.

  • Strengthens tooth enamel
  • Reduces decalcification of teeth
  • Fluoride helps prevent cavity
  • Superfine cleaning agent cleans teeth thoroughly
  • Natural spearmint & peppermint essence
  • Keeps breath minty fresh



Pompeii – The Mystery Of People Frozen In Time in History Documentary

Sometimes I’m curious about the history about my surrounding especially¬†mysterious¬†things happened in the world. I came across a video and would like to share with my friends. I realized that death of a person can really tell us how the person die. From¬†history, we¬†are able to understand what has been¬†happening¬†in the past and we can improve our technology or find out¬†a way¬†to prevent such tragic happen in the future. Of¬†course, sometimes¬†when natural¬†disasters¬†strike suddenly we are not able to react so instantly and hoping that we are the lucky one to escape from death.

So nothing is more important than your life, why not we live happily every day in our life without any regrets? You can share your thoughts after watching the video.

Rain, rain don’t go away !

It has been months that I have not seen rain visiting us.Those trees and plants go dry and die away. Our river water goes lesser and lesser every day. How I wish rain will come and visit us again to let our trees and plants grow healthy and glory to let us see whenever we walk pass the road. How I wish every time I pass by the river I can see the water is being full. What a beautiful day when I have seen lovely flowers and greenery environment on the road. The haze is back again and rain is needed so much that it can help us to make our air better. Those were the days with rain.


Love our Planet and Preserve for our Next Generation to live !

There are times when people are destroying themselves without knowing what they have done. So, it is better to think twice before action is being taken.

Love our planet