Nice, Simple Valentine Day !

What a nice weather today 14 February 2014, the actual day of Valentine Day. So how do you celebrate? Celebrate with love ones, buddy, friends or soul mate? Who you are with are the most enjoyable companion for this special day.

Today afternoon I was waiting for my love ones who is taking half day leave to spend a nice lunch with me 🙂

While waiting for him, I take some selfie again.


This angle looks better for me :

Oh no.....suddenly I look so cute & young !

Oh no…..suddenly I look so cute & young !

He is here already better keep my mobile phone now.

He is here already better keep my mobile phone now.

We went to our favourite place again to have our lunch at Coastal Settlement Changi.(


Mushroom soup that we can’t miss out in our meal.


Root beer float, not everywhere sell this drink.


Five types of cheese pizza, which ordered by my hubby. His favourite is cheese.


Truffle fries, which you must try the taste!

We love to share food, chit chat and enjoy the ambience of the restaurant. Time to exchange gifts, I have bought him an apron and myself so that we can do cooking together when our new house is ready to move in. I find it meaningful to create our new memories on cooking session together.


Captain America Hero Apron & Star Wars Princess Leia Apron from Bugis plus at REEL USEFUL Shop, #02-71.

My hubby bought me a simple design earring which I can wear it for any occasion.( I love Swarovski Jewellery 🙂

Share with me, how do you celebrate your valentine day and gift that you have received? Why do you choose the gift? Any sweet reason behind? I would love to know 🙂