Learn from good quote !



I love this quote because how many of us truly values our life which time teaches us the value of life? Like relationship, Sickness, Money?

Value of Time

Friend vs Time !

I am sure these days everybody is busy with their work, families, things they want to achieve and unintentionally we neglect our friends. How can we forget our friends? Could it be we take for granted that whenever we need them and they will be there? Whenever you are lonely or broke out with a partner then we think about our friends and starts looking up each and everyone?

I hope anybody who read my blog can think about who are their friends who help them when they are in need of them, who stand by their side to overcome their obstacle path of life, etc. I just hope you can love your friends who care about you with your heart and time. Don’t hurt your friend’s feelings anymore, time can let you lose them.


The more you grow up, the more wiser you become :) so what kind of lifestyle do you really want? Quality or Quantity in life?