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Spouse For House: Do HDB’s Rules Pressure Young Couples Into Marriage?

Working With Grace

Selena Li TNP

[Pic source: TNP]

Due to a fellow blogger’s recommendation that I should watch ‘Spouse For House’ on xinmsn, I did. 6 episodes in fact. I wonder if it is not entirely impossible that a couple would get married just because their BTO flat is ready so as to avoid losing both their money and the flat if they decide that marriage is not for them. Hmm…

[Just a warning: Be prepared for many annoying Triumph ads if you want to watch Spouse For House on xinmsn!]

The main characters in Spouse For House are played by the very pretty Selena Li and Alaric Tay of ‘The Noose’ fame. In the first episode, Alaric’s character, John, wonders aloud – “you are getting married because everyone says you should? Your parents, your friends, and most importantly, HDB.”

It struck a chord with me because that’s exactly what happens. People like to…

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Rain, rain don’t go away !

It has been months that I have not seen rain visiting us.Those trees and plants go dry and die away. Our river water goes lesser and lesser every day. How I wish rain will come and visit us again to let our trees and plants grow healthy and glory to let us see whenever we walk pass the road. How I wish every time I pass by the river I can see the water is being full. What a beautiful day when I have seen lovely flowers and greenery environment on the road. The haze is back again and rain is needed so much that it can help us to make our air better. Those were the days with rain.


Love our Planet and Preserve for our Next Generation to live !

There are times when people are destroying themselves without knowing what they have done. So, it is better to think twice before action is being taken.

Love our planet

20 Most Memorable SBC (Channel 8) Dramas of the 1980s

Remember Singapore

TV used to be a big part of our life. It still does, except that there are more choices in the programs nowadays and its influence is being affected by internet, smartphones and other entertainment devices. Like many others, SBC dramas, especially those from Channel 8, used to accompany me in my childhood and teenage years.

The Early Days of SBC

sbc logoThe eighties and a large part of the nineties were undeniably the golden periods for SBC, the predecessor of Mediacorp (and TCS). SBC, Singapore Broadcasting Corporation in full, was established in February 1980 as a statutory board, after the corporatisation of Radio and Television Singapore (RTS).

Back then, the sources of Chinese dramas were mainly from Hong Kong and Taiwan. The dramas, many of them in Cantonese and Minnan (Taiwanese Hokkien), had to be dubbed in Mandarin for Singapore audience. After its establishment, SBC decided to invest and produce…

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Success. Fear. And stuff.

Cristian Mihai

fearMost people like to believe talent, hard work, and luck are among the determining factors of success. For a long time I thought you only need two of them.

But, actually, if you want to be successful, and it doesn’t matter if all you want is to become a great dancer or actor or writer, or whether you want to pick up pretty girls in bars, you just have to be willing to make a fool out of yourself.

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