Eating is my most enjoyable moment especially with my friends .My Favorite Hawker Centre at 1220 East Coast Parkway (S) 468960 !


Nice BBQ chicken wing dip with their chili sauce taste yummy !


Carrot Cake with black sauce ! You can add chili if you like spicy.


Usually I will order 10 satay sticks of chicken with two rice. You can choose beef or mutton satay stick if you like. I still prefer chicken.


I will order cockles and request them to make it well cooked as I don’t eat too raw. Cockles go with their chili sauce taste delicious.


After eating so many heaty food how can we leave without the sugar cane with lemon added. Its cooling to our body and feel refreshed after drinking.


In the end we have finished all the food, can’t believe myself can eat so much 🙂


That’s my friend who is a small eater hehehe…. Look at her size and you will know I am right.