Spouse For House: Do HDB’s Rules Pressure Young Couples Into Marriage?

Working With Grace

Selena Li TNP

[Pic source: TNP]

Due to a fellow blogger’s recommendation that I should watch ‘Spouse For House’ on xinmsn, I did. 6 episodes in fact. I wonder if it is not entirely impossible that a couple would get married just because their BTO flat is ready so as to avoid losing both their money and the flat if they decide that marriage is not for them. Hmm…

[Just a warning: Be prepared for many annoying Triumph ads if you want to watch Spouse For House on xinmsn!]

The main characters in Spouse For House are played by the very pretty Selena Li and Alaric Tay of ‘The Noose’ fame. In the first episode, Alaric’s character, John, wonders aloud – “you are getting married because everyone says you should? Your parents, your friends, and most importantly, HDB.”

It struck a chord with me because that’s exactly what happens. People like to…

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