Review on Trimton 2

Being overweight has been a problem for me as I love food especially delicious food. So that’s how I am now 68.8kg. I am not that kind of sporty person who will go exercise alone because I would prefer to exercise with friends’ example, playing badminton, tennis, cycling, jogging, swimming, etc. So how do I slim down if I don’t exercise and still continue to enjoy my food? I think I want to try on slimming products.

I was selected blogger for trial on a box of Trimton 2 and I am sharing my personal experience with you.


A bottle contains 60 pills.


Before I start to eat, I will definitely study the ingredients first.

Trimton 2’s active ingredients are: Purple Rice Extract, HCA, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Grapefruit Extract and Green Tea Extract. All natural, harmless and safe to use.



Let me see how does it works for me?

Trimton has a unique Bomb Metribolic formula that generates a chain of events which eradicates fat step by step

Technology breakthrough – Active-fast diet pill

1st bomb: The white particles explode first, creating a sense of fullness in the digestive system. It would inhibit excessive absorption and include secretion of suppressive substance that would minimize intake of carbohydrates, sugar and fat, preventing a buildup of fat

2nd bomb: The green particles are released in the second phase. The immediate effect is accelerated gastrointestinal motility, which cleanses the body by expelling water materials. These particles not only detoxify but also prepare for the last crucial stage – burning excess fat and calories

3rd bomb: In the final stage, the red particles explode to achieve the ultimate goal. The Bomb Metribolic targets and binds to the most precise positions and then rapidly burn excess fat, completing the Bomb after Bomb slimming effect

 slimming pills 1-500x500




2 capsules a day, 1 each for breakfast and dinner and with warm water.

My personal experience

After reading the information that I need to know and I give it a try for one month. I took before my meal and sometimes I took after my meal when I have forgotten. I feel alright after taking it, but there is two issued I want to highlight. I feel that after taking the pill I would go to the toilet more often after my breakfast and dinner which helps me to digest my food effectively. I also feel that I don’t eat as much as I used to be for each meal, maybe it’s telling me that I am full and need to stop eating LOL. I still can enjoy my food while I don’t need to exercise. I would recommend this product after I have tried and I have lost 2kg now.

** Warning to everybody, the result will only depend on an individual’s health status.

Where can you buy from Singapore?

Guardian Pharmacy selling S$ 118 for 2 boxes (Buy 1 get 1 Free) Store Location

Purchase Online


at at

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