Food Review on Itacho Sushi@Bedok Mall


Lately, I went to the newly open Bedok Mall on last Saturday 14.12.2013 and try out this restaurant. I remember my trip to Hong Kong I have tried Itacho Sushi before .I think having your meal over here you need to have a little patience due to their shortage of manpower but the food is very tasty which I don’t mind to wait a bit longer. I also find that the Japanese chef is very polite although he may look fierce.


Each and every dish that I have ordered was so nice to eat, yummy ! I think I’m going to put on weight again 🙂


I find that these two dishes taste is very different from the other sushi restaurant. Try out and you will know what I’m saying.


Their seafood is really fresh and yummy !


Where is the exact location?

  • You can find more info from their Facebook page shown below :


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